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Many foreigners in the Philippines are retired or semi-retired, remaining indefinitely on the Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) offered by the Philippine government to would-be retirees who want to live-out their golden years enjoying sun, sea and the world-renowned Filipino hospitality. This visa, by far, offers the greatest benefits and perks for those willing to retire in this country. Check-out all the advantages listed below:

• Indefinite stay
• Multiple entry
• Exemption from exit/re-entry clearance and permit
• Exemption from travel tax
• Exemption from duties, customs and taxes from the
importation of personal effects
• Guaranteed repatriation of deposits and investments, including profits
– Conversion of foreign Currency into Philippine Pesos
– Conversion of Deposits into investments
• Tax-exempt on purchase of goods for personal consumption in government-owned Duty Free Shops E.O 250
• Eligibility to obtain an Alien Employment Permit
• Covers spouse and dependents below 21
• Entitlement to tax exemption under P.D. 1217
• Exemption from student’s visa/special study permit
• Tax-exempt inward remittance of pensions and annuities
• Membership in the exclusive PLRA Executive Club
• May avail of PLRA “24/7-Call Home” and Service Center
• Entitlement to incentives and benefits under the Omnibus Investment Code (E.O. 226),
• May Avail of services of PLRA Travel Agency
• Avail of discounts at PLRA – authorized establishments and shops
• Use PLRA memberships at various golf, sports and country clubs
• Tourism Incentives program (P.D. 535), and investments
Promotion Act (B.P. 44)

Eligibility Requirements for the Special Resident Retirees Visa (SRRV)

• At least 35 years old
• Without criminal record
• Meet medical standards
• Meet the investment requirement

SRRV Retirement Options and Required Time Deposit Amounts

• With Pension:
• 50 years. Old and above – the required time deposit is US$10, 000.00 plus a monthly pension of US$800.00 for a single applicant and US$1,000.00 for couple
• Without Pension:
• 35 to 49 years old – US$50, 000.00 time deposit
• 50 years old and above – US$20, 000.00 time deposit
• Former Filipino Citizens (at least 35 years old, regardless of the number of dependents – US$1,500.00)
• Ambassadors of foreign countries who served and retired in the Philippines, current and former staff members of international organizations including ADB (at least 50 years old) – US$1,500.00
Additional Considerations: A resident retiree can bring with him, without additional deposit, his spouse and a child who is unmarried and below 21 years old or if the spouse is not joining, two (2) children (provided they are unmarried and under 21 years of age.) Additional children with the same qualifications may also be allowed to join the principal retiree pr
ovided there is an additional deposit of US$15,000.00 per child. The said time deposit however, is subject the same and conditions  with that of the principal deposit. This does not apply to former Filipino Citizens.
For more information on the SRRV go to this website: http://www.pra.gov.ph/



• Temporary Visitors – those coming for business, pleasure, medical treatment, training, attendance in conferences, meetings or workshop/ seminars; visitors aboard private yacht/sailboat; persons visiting for the purpose of making a movie or film documentary; journalists, athletes and performing artists;
• Aliens in Transit;
• Alien Seafarer/Seaman;
• Treaty Traders/Investors;
• Accredited Officials of Foreign Governments, their families and attendants/helpers;
• Alien Students;
• Aliens with Pre-Arranged Employment in the Philippines;
• Special non-immigrants granted admission by the Philippine President;
• Refugees granted temporary admission by the Philippine President.


• Offshore Banking System Visa under P.D. 1034;
• Special Investors Residents Visa (SIRV) under E.O. 226;
• Special Resident Retiree’s Visa under E.O. 226 (Philippine Retirement Authority);
• Subic Special Investor’s Resident Visa under R.A. 7227;
• Subic Special Resident Retiree’s Visa under R.A. 7227;
• Subic Special Working Visa under R.A. 7227.


• Quota Immigrants;
• Preferred Quota Immigrants – Parents of Filipino citizens aged 21 years or over, and spouses & unmarried minor children of Permanent Resident aliens;
• Non-Preferred Quota Immigrants.


• Spouse or unmarried minor children of Philippine citizens;
• Child of alien parents born during a visit abroad of Permanent Resident mother;
• Child born subsequent to the issuance of Immigrant Visa to accompanying parent, whose visa has not expired;
• Filipino women who lost their citizenship by marriage;
• Returning residents;
• Spouse or unmarried minor child of foreigner admitted to the Philippines for permanent residence;
• Returning natural-born Filipinos who were naturalized as citizens of foreign countries.
Source: clarksubicmarketing.com

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