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By: GM | January 04, 2016

STRAWBERRY RESIDENCES is owned and managed by Jaliveev International Corporation. Jaliveev is coined from the names of the Hermosilla sisters. The sisters pooled their ideas together to come up with a practical offer to guests who are wanting to visit and stay in Cebu City for a longer period and a value for their money. Strawberry is an offshoot of Apple Tree Suites-Cebu City (www.appletreesuitescebu.com) and Apple Tree Resort & Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City (www.appletreeresortcdo.com), which are both hotels.

Each unit in the Strawberry Residences has amenities which include bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, T&B and a service area which could very well serve as a Helper’s Quarter. Guests can also enjoy the swimming pool after the...

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