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By: GM | February 29, 2016

When Golden Haven Memorial Park Inc. (GHMPI) was first launched, people can only bank on a promise. GHMPI developers touted it to be the best memorial park Cebu has ever seen, citing its unique rolling topography atop the hills of Talamban right within Cebu City just a few minutes away from the city center. But little did they know what that promise really meant, for now not even the park developers themselves could have seen then what the park has blossomed into now.

By: GM | February 27, 2016

• Celestial Meadows Memorial Garden, MINGLANILLA CEBU
- is still accepting sales reservations, except for Lawn Regular Lots.
• Legacy Plains Memorial Garden, NAGA CEBU
- is offering and accepting sales reservations, only for its Bone & Cremated Remains Ossuary and a few cancelled lots.
• Legacy Plains Memorial Garden, TOLEDO CEBU
- Toledo - is pre-offering and pre-selling reservations for its Phase - 1 development.
• Divine Mercy Memorial Park, MOALBOAL CEBU
- may soon start its development within the 4th quarter of 2011 and may start offering & accept sales reservations. 

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